• Road trip in February.


    When I started my university i was really excited of discovering Taiwan. Because my university is not so well located so i wanted to go and visit some other countries in taiwan.

     So my german friend and I decided to travel a little around Taiwan, especialy in the south of taiwan.




    I went to a beautiful park in Tainan, it's one of the oldest and most central park in the city, it's a wonderful traditional garden, and a peace of Tainan history. It offers a look into local culture, fresh plant life and and city history. 

    Trips in Taiwan



    I also visited Anping fort. The building was originally constructed in square inner fortress and rectangle outer walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate his home town when Cheng Cheng-Kung has driven the Dutch out of Taiwan. Anping fort is the first fort of Taiwan, so it was really interisting to visit it and to learn more about taiwan history. 

    Trips in Taiwan




    The next day i went to Kaohsiung. I arrived in the morning to have some time to visit the city all day. First, I went to the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas which is a temple located at lotus lake. The temple was etablished in 1976. It has a dragon and a tiger, which makes it popular and as a special temple. According to legend, entering the dragon's mouth and coming out from the tiger's mouth is an auspicious symbol. This building represents Kaohsiung traditional culture. I was really suprised by the design of this architecture. 


    Trips in Taiwan


    After we went to take a ferry near by and to discover a really nice island just next to Kaochuing. 

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