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    Cultural differencies

    This ad is funny because it reveals the culture differences between France and Taiwan. One in particular : the food.

    In France, you will never find an advertisment for noodle soup. But in Taiwan the noodle soup is one of the most popular one, you can find it everywhere, in every convenient stores. They warmed you the soup and you eat it directly. Taiwanese even eat that as a snack! 

    At the begining it can appears strange because it's not in the french mentality to have a noodle soup everytime and several time during the day. But it's all about cultural differences and now that i'm close to the end of my semester i think one of the main difference of thoses two countries is the food. That's why i thought i was intersting to put an ad of the noodle soup. 

    Object of the advertisement

    The object of the advertisment is the noodle soup and the target is all the Taiwanese in general.

    The noodle soup by being one of the most popular courses in Taiwan concerned every Taiwanese because it's in their customs to eat that. It's like an ad about cheese in France. 

    In France

    If this ad appears in France, French people will be confused. They will wonder why this ad and why noodles soup! The same if an ad about cheese appears in taiwan! 

    On top of that, it's funny because in this ad, the person who appears like an heroe is the Taiwanese man at the end with his bicycle who bring the noodle soup. Usually, In france the heroe who has the product is not a real character. 

    Exemple : Mr Propre or Pepito etc...

    And this kind of ad ( with all the people gathering around the ladie to see what she needs ) is more for childrens in France. 

    But in taiwan you can find a lot of ad like that, a little bit over play. I think in France, ads are more realistic.



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