• Artistic life in Taiwan

     Artistic life in Taiwan

    Artistic life in Taiwan

    Artistic life in Taiwan

    Artistic life in Taiwan



    In Taiwan, traditional music is usually played on solo instruments . Bamboo pipes and Qin are among the oldest known musical instruments from China. You can see them in a lot of differentes places in taiwan. 

    The traditional music is mainly played by orchestras, in some events, operas or theater. However, the popular music, often listened by young people experiencing a rise in popularity since the end of the 20th. And i can tell that in every club in taiwan you will only have commercial music, the same kind that in europe but sometimes some commercial music of taiwan. 

    Taiwanese people also really like K pop, korean pop music, with bands such as Girls Generation and with intruments such as electic guitar, bass, drums. 

    I also had the chance to attend a concert of electronique music, it was similar as what we can find in Europe. 

    Video of traditional taiwanese music


    Taiwanese peple often go to the theater to see different kinds of arts : Taiwan opera or puppet drama are the most known. 

    The Taiwanese Opera is famous in Asia. The story elements are traditionally based on folk tales of the Hokkien region, though in recent years stories are increasingly set in Taiwan locales. It's pretty much the same story all the time but adapted, with new characters etc. 

    The most popular kind of show, of performance in Taiwan is the Puppet drama. I saw once a Puppet drama in front of a temple. Some of them make them, some other play with them, and of course we can find some drama with those puppets. They are usually hiden under a larg costum and the puppeteer tells stories in adequacion to the chinese cultur.


    Artistic life in Taiwan


    Taiwan is doted by a lot of crafts. You can find some everywhere either in marble or bamboo, lacquer, copper or rattan, furniture inlaid with mother of pearl, carpets and embroideries are the most prominent representatives of local handicrafts. 

    For shopping, the better it's to go in a Night Maket and you will find all kind of stores like flower stores, jade stores, electronic stores etc. 

    Another craft is Hello kitty, the famille little white cat, it's the figure in Japan and it's present everywhere in Taiwan ( maybe due to the period when taiwan was under Japanese rules). You can find it on clothes, glasses, bags...

    Ancient craft tradition born in southern China, Taiwan's umbrella is a little umbrella local version. It's decorated with traditional painting and calligraphy.

    Artistic life in Taiwan


    You can find a lot of concerts to attend in Taiwan but more in te capital (Taipei), not really in the city where i stayed (Taichung). 

    In taipei you can find all kinf of concerts, some rock music, classical music, electronic music ... 

    Since there is a lot of foreigners in Taipei, the programation of concerts adapt themselves to satisfied everyone. 

    Some famous band known in the whole word are giving representation in Taipei!


    Artistic life in Taiwan


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